That God would:

MOVI means "TO MOVE"...

...and we desire to MOVE every student to daily follow Christ and compel others to do the same.

We accomplish this by providing every student with a place to belong and someone who believes in them.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm at our two locations.

You will experience everything at MOVI on Wednesdays from free time to have fun, food, and great friends. You will also have oppurtunites to grow in your faith through teaching, music and spiritual conversations in a small group of friends. It doesn't end there, throughout the year we have retreats, events as well as trips to Haiti and Student Leadership University to continue to build your faith and friendships.

We exist to inspire students to let God "MOVE In You, MOVE Through You, and MOVE You Out" to the ends of earth so that every man, women and child would have repeated opportunities to see and hear the Gospel.

What are you waiting for? A better future awaits. The best is yet to come. Take action and MOVE.

Outside of our weekly Wednesday night programming @ 7pm, we have this other cool stuff happening.

“Every teen needs to be known by someone, and to belong somewhere.”

We believe that every teenager is longing to be known and longing to belong. At Movi, we have small groups, based on grade and gender, to provide opportunities for students to connect with other students and get to know a leader who will encourage and influence them during their years in high school, and beyond.

Our small groups are on Wednesday nights during Movi and are led by adults who are here to…

  • Coach students in their faith and help them process information as it relates to their spiritual journey
  • Teach students how to think, not what to think
  • Lead discussion based on the teaching every Wednesday night
  • Support students personally by engaging in fun environments that help strengthen relationships

There are two ways you can get involved in a small group…

  1. Simply show up on a Wednesday night and we’ll help you get connected
  2. E-mail Edwin Perez at Eperez@thechapel.com